Your Simple, Fast and Intuitive Business Plan Tool

Supernova supports you in discovering your business model by creating a business plan adapted to your activity.
Calculate the profitability of your project without further delay!

Powerful features for your new project

Data intelligence

You fill in the essential information of your project and we offer you models and data adapted for your analysis.

Benchmark & Competitors

We compare your project with our datas and you can quickly see your future market situation.

Simulator and profitability calculation

You answer few questions about your project, and we give you your breakeven point & how you should sell.


Depending on the constitution of your project and its viability, we establish a score between 1 and 5 to help you validate your idea.

Financial exports & Business Plan

We assist you on the editorial part of the business plan and provide you with all the financial statements for the export of a reliable document.

User & Project management

Share your ideas with your collaborators and organize your projects via the intuitive interface of Supernova!

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Supernova is more than a business plan software

Yes, we assume it loud and clear: supernova is more than business plan software: it is your business project facilitator.

You are on the verge of a new adventure: you are considering starting a business or have decided to take an existing company in a whole new direction. Either way, you need a clear and effective view of your upcoming business, and you know you’re going to go through the business plan box.

But before you want to embark on this adventure with poor preparation, or worse, poorly accompanied, let us convince you that our business plan creation assistance application is much more than just software …

It is one of your working tools, a key to success.

Complete files, with tables, and figures … a lot of figures in these tables. Data written in all directions, some vague information about your project, words that impress such as “financial forecast” or “forecast income statement”, and you think you are facing the best solution to meet your business needs easy and cheap plan.

But there you have it, creating a business plan requires much more than an approximate model that is ill-suited to your business plan. You know that, since you probably gave up on this idea since you noticed that the data entered into the models was very irrelevant to your own project.

Because if there are recurring and relatively reliable elements, your next professional success is intended to be original … it is even on this promise that you will partly convince your investors and financiers and base your future management!

In other words, you will have to endow your business creation with a business plan tailored to its height that will forecast in great detail the next two to three years … crowned with success!

So, you have given up on downloading a business plan template and therefore consider turning to the business plan software that is out there. But which one to choose?

We are in the 21st century, technology has developed considerably and entrepreneurs are more and more numerous and above all: connected. There is no shortage of applications, on Android or IOS, on computers or on mobiles and tablets … the offer in terms of business plan software is vast.

Fortunately for you, because you will be able to choose with confidence who will accompany you in the creation of your business. But before deciding on the lucky one who will help you convince the bank that your financial forecast is relevant and that your management will be rigorous, let’s review some unstoppable arguments for the business plan software option:

Writing the business plan is made easier
You have an integrated business plan model adapted to your project
You can follow a guide to create your business plan
You will be able to download the document in PDF
The presentation of the document will undoubtedly be prettier than on a simple Word
You will be able to put together a good file
Using apps is much more fun
The features of a good business plan software can be a real help!
It’s easier to correct a business plan with software than directly by hand!
Have a little luck, the software is in French …

Another argument that is hard to dismiss is that you will be able to modify your business plan from anywhere!

Imagine collecting information on the spot from customers or potential competitors and you want to see live if this information could change your financial forecast … You pull your smartphone from your pocket and your business plan application is already ready for you to help. It can even be a guide to asking the right questions of the right people during your interview.

Because we believe it is the right solution for your needs.

We designed it as such.

Supernova isn’t just an application that lets you create and download a PDF business plan with just a few clicks. Nor is it a simple help in writing a business plan that offers beautiful pictures.

It is a real facilitation tool. A guide to making your project a reality!

Supernova’s ambition is to help entrepreneurs build their businesses and make their businesses sustainable.

Thanks to its ultra intuitive interface, the application completely in French will allow you to see in just a few minutes the viability of your project. We did not design our application on a competing model: above all, we are entrepreneurs experienced in this exercise and have designed an innovative system that completely reverses the usual dogmas of business plans.

With Supernova software, you will first think of the financial forecast before the editorial part. Because before you think about marketing your project, you need to project yourself into its viability.

To help you, our application is equipped with an algorithm that pre-fills your business plan for you using reliable INSEE data, depending on your sector of activity, the reality of your market and of course your management project.

The Supernova experience is focused above all on your business creation project: you will start by answering a series of questions allowing the application to better understand your needs and personalize your document.

After that ? Then you will get a viability score which will allow you to adjust your vision.

As you write your business plan, you will be able to edit it as many times as necessary, always just as easily thanks to the application that can slip into your pocket.

Finally, once you have exported your document to PDF, you are at the last step and not the least: presenting your project to your interlocutors.

By your side at each stage of the drafting of your business plan, we wanted to give you the benefit of the knowledge of our two financial experts.

You will find this expertise throughout your career, through the financial data selected with relevance, as through the rendering of your file.

And if you need advice, our customer support will help you get the most out of our app.

And for the presentation of the file, then? Well … there, even if we stay warm in your pocket, you will have to rely on your preparation and your passion … and get started.

You’ve already done the hard part!

It's time to get started, make your business plan now!

Ready for take off!
It's time to get started, make your business plan now!