Nicolas Cabanel et Damien Ferracci


The app that will help you create your business plan

Throughout his life, entrepreneurs are required to carry out Business Plans: when setting up their business, during a strategic reorientation, when borrowing or raising funds. It is a vital and complex exercise. The entrepreneur is in a hurry, must remain focused on his business and does not always master the inner workings of the exercise. Historically, he often turns to management professionals (accountants, consulting firms). In doing so, the entrepreneur takes very little ownership of his business plan, misses out on invaluable help in managing his business, and may encounter difficulties in convincing his banker.

Damien and Nicolas, two 40-year-old friends who have made careers in large industrial groups, have always been united and driven by the desire to create. Based on their experiences, they decide to resolve this difficulty and make the business plan simple, fast and accessible to everyone. To achieve this, they will start from scratch and really address the needs of entrepreneurs. After a lot of time, energy and enthusiasm to overcome doubts, overcome obstacles, they quit their jobs and create Supernova, with an obsession that will never leave them: “Making a business plan should be as easy as make a coffee ”.


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